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I’m still thinking about doing a microcast but I’m not sure on the topic yet. I’m currently leaning towards just reading one of the long-form posts off the blog with a little intro or thought on it.

I am consolidating all my blogs to MicroBlog. I made a table of contents to find my favorites quickly and also added a separate menu category for my military memories. If y’all don’t mind checking it out, any input on how to do it better would be great.

I have three blogs, each with an individual ability to subscribe. I’m wondering if I should keep it that way or use something like Revue to consolidate a newsletter with items from all three? Will the tweaking never end… 🤣😂🤣

My journaling method continues to mutate quickly here at the start of the new year. I purchased the Lochby Planner Instert and received it in the mail today. I spent a little bit of time setting up the planner insert and immediately realized that it’s not a very effective way to do calendars and tasks. The Bullet Journal method is better, si I am returning to it. The beauty of the Lochby is everything is modular, as I have babbled on about before.

I am always thinking about the lifespan of the things we create. I was wondering if others consider the finite existence of their writing digitally. Do they consider what would happen if their PC fried, they got a cryptovirus, their online service went away, or the Internet in its entirety went away, no matter how far-fetched that may sound. Does everyone risk it and just keep doing what they are doing?

Well, it’s the end of the year. Not much happened while living the exciting life of a housebound Mr.Mom homeschooling two children. But a few essential items. I started writing again, after many years. I started Journaling and fell into the abyss, which is fountain pen and pencil fandom. I gave up my Kindle and only do print books. I became a vegan about 8 months ago. I started corresponding with pen and paper.

I’ve been in anticipation mode as of late for this year’s journaling. Currently, I have basically ground to a halt with much of any writing. I have a new Bullet Journal prepped and ready for 2022 and I want to write in it so badly I end up not writing in anything else. This leaves me with, well, not much. I do have other notebooks, I keep a Field Notes with whatever book I’m reading at the time to jot things down.

I’ve been working on my military memoir without adding anything for people to read. Instead, I have been trying to remember names and locations and record them for future reference. I, unfortunately, remember very few names, units, and various other details. Cataloging this has been very useful and painful at the same time. While reflecting on people, places, and names, I have remembered certain situations or memorable people and made empty chapters for them.

I just received my Bullet Journal V2 today. I wasn’t sure how I liked the Lochby inserts. The journal fits nicely in my Field Journal cover, but I don’t think it feels right. So I’ll have to use it both in and out of it to evaluate. Not starting this one till Jan 1, though.