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Sending this one to the Ukraine today.

I sent one last postcard tonight; it’s going to the Netherlands, the person requested something unusual, so I stuck one of these stamps I found in Baghdad during the war on there. I’m assuming it’s pretty hard to find a stamp with Saddam Hussein on it these days.

I sent this 1960’s Vintage German postcard to Spain.

Sent this one to Taiwan.

I have acquired a new hobby by chance. Before, I mentioned sending postcards I discovered in my father’s things to people. I sent most of them to family members but then had a few more left. So I am using Postcrossing to find people to send to. I sent my first two. Both were purchased in the late 1960s. I just ordered some more modern-era cards, and I think I will continue the habit.

In an earlier post, I was talking about some old postcards I had from the ‘60s that were my father’s from his time in Germany while he was in the Army. A friend shared Postcrossing with me. I thought this sounded like a fun idea! And who wouldn’t want a 60-year-old postcard, right? So I signed up for the service, chose to send a card, and the system randomly selected a recipient for me.

While digging through boxes of old photos and papers over the weekend, I found an envelope of old postcards from my father’s time in the Army around 1968 maybe. He was drafted during Vietnam and, by some miracle, spent the time in Germany. Lucky him, right? Either way, I don’t know the places on these postcards, nor do they mean anything to me personally other than they were my fathers. They were his memories.