Books I am currently reading.

A Different Mirror
by Ronald Takaki
A Sand County Almanac
by Aldo Leopold

Books that I’ve actually finished.

Grandfather: A Native American's Lifelong Search For Truth And Harmony With Nature
by Tom Brown Jr.
Fire on the Mountain
by Edward Abbey
A River Runs through It and Other Stories
by Norman MacLean
Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing (John Gierach's Fly-fishing Library)
by John Gierach
Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders: A John Gierach Fly-Fishing Treasury (John Gierach's Fly-fishing Library)
by John Gierach
Trout Bum (The Pruett Series)
by John Gierach
The Long Road Home
by Martha Raddatz
The Fool's Progress
by Edward Abbey
The Monkey Wrench Gang
by Edward Abbey
The Revenge of Analog
by David Sax
by Matthew McConaughey
Desert Solitaire
by Edward Abbey
Where the Deer and the Antelope Play
by Nick Offerman

The growing list of books that have piqued my interest and grows like a cancer.

Cattle Kingdom
by Christopher Knowlton
Black Cowboys of the Old West: True, Sensational, And Little-Known Stories From History
by Tricia Martineau Wagner
Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Grizzly Bears
by Matthew P. Mayo
The Last Cowboys: A Pioneer Family in the New West
by John Branch
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
by Charles C. Mann
Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
by Stephen E Ambrose
Crazy Horse and Custer
by Stephen E. Ambrose
Tomas Young's War
by Mark Wilkerson
See No Stranger
by Valarie Kaur
Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson
Call Us What We Carry
by Amanda Gorman
The Shepherd's Life
by James Rebanks
A World Without War
by Janet Khan
Adventures in Stationery
by James Ward
How to Sharpen Pencils
by David Rees
The Pencil Perfect
by Caroline Weaver
The Story Paradox
by Jonathan Gottschall
Wilderness, The Gateway To The Soul
by Scott Stillman
A Swim in a Pond in the Rain
by George Saunders
Man of the Trees
by Paul Hanley
Latin for Gardeners
by Lorraine Harrison
The Secret Wisdom of Nature
by Peter Wohlleben
The Genius of Birds
by Jennifer Ackerman
The Hidden Life of Trees
by Peter Wohlleben
The World-Ending Fire
by Wendell Berry