For those who don’t know, the building I live in is in a hospital parking lot, so sometimes I sit at the window with my coffee watching the morning activities.

The funny thing is, this hospital has been here on this island since 1903. You would think they may have figured out drainage by now since we’re at the bottom of a hill. Let alone again, as I stated, we are on an island. Yet still all the buildings flood and water gushes down the streets and sidewalks like you were watching the great Colorado River rush through the Grand Canyon. But who am I to judge.

To my point now. It’s been raining here all night. I’ve been watching all the medical staff trying to get from the parking lot to the hospital through a class VI rapid. Including my wife. It’s pretty funny. I watch them stop in small groups right at the edge of the water. You see them consulting with each other, trying to decide who will take the sacrificial plunge. And like I said, it is raining, so they are getting pretty wet whether or not they cross.

Finally, as if their very survival itself depends on them getting into work, one or two brave individuals will take those first steps into the torrential waters before them. Water immediately fills their sneakers and socks become wet. And the others follow immediately … imagine the voice of David Attenborough “Dashing a across the torrential river like gazelle running from a predator…”.

They all of course make it to work unscathed with their shoes inevitably squeaking on the tiled floors of the hospital. And then the cycle begins again as a new group arrives at the crossing. I need more coffee.