I was in a devotional for the children and youth of New York City this evening. These things always get me inspired and bring a lot of reflection. But, unfortunately, this dwindles off quickly, and life starts to distract me again.

Now here is the thing. I seldom share anything spiritual or faith-based. I fear I may offend and be ostracized by the community (any community, for that matter). I’m not talking proselytizing, but sharing thoughts, ideas, asking questions, and so on. Just things spiritual in nature. As they say on the podcast Metaphysical Milkshake “life’s big questions.”

So, I think I am going to push to overcome this barrier. Not that I am going to start preaching from here on out. But if I have a thought dealing with more significant ideas, so to speak, I will use this blog to contemplate it. I am a Baha’i, being so many faiths and philosophies could be fair game. Maybe I’ll use 📿 in titles to help people avoid the topic if they want. We will see how it goes. After this post, you may never hear anything of it again, or at least awhile, but I’ve opened the door.