I received my record player yesterday. It’s just a cheap Victrola suitcase player. I bought it to listen to a record a friend of mine made for his friends as a Christmas present. Now I can see this turning into an addiction.

The record player itself sounds pretty crappy in reality, but just the process of listening to music on one again was amazing. I sat at my desk and did some work with it spinning behind me, and it just felt so authentic if I could use the word in that way. It was like the musical equivalent of splitting wood with an ax, just raw with a tad bit of warmth.

Not to be snobbish, but I think the music to be played on it has to be carefully curated. The latest Lady Gaga album would not work; now maybe her and Tony Bennet could, though. Of course, folk music is ideal and country, not modern Nashville country, but red dirt country, or the older stuff including Dolly, Merle, Willie, Marty, George, Waylon, and some select items from the ‘90s. Nor should I neglect artists like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Creedence, and other classic rock bands.

In the future, I see this Victrola being handed down to my kids so I can upgrade the experience. In a few years, maybe I can have a substantial enough collection to stop streaming, or possibly records will be for me time at the desk while writing. The future of chill seems bright.