My journaling method continues to mutate quickly here at the start of the new year. I purchased the Lochby Planner Instert and received it in the mail today. I spent a little bit of time setting up the planner insert and immediately realized that it’s not a very effective way to do calendars and tasks. The Bullet Journal method is better, si I am returning to it. The beauty of the Lochby is everything is modular, as I have babbled on about before. So this is how I am setting it up at this time. It has four inserts (it can hold up to six).

  1. The schedule insert includes a calendar, tasks, and events.
  2. The Journal portion is for thoughts and long-form writing.
  3. An insert with blank pages for sketching and doodling.
  4. A reading log combined with quotes and new vocabulary words I’ve learned.

I think the setup covers all the bases for me. I also carry the smaller Field Notes notebooks around when I don’t have my Lochby with me or to keep grocery lists and the like.

Keeping a journal is a never-ending evolution of methods and tools. I will assume I’ll be writing a gazillion other posts similar to this throughout this blog’s lifetime. I’ll try not to bore anyone with it too much.