For some odd reason, my wife and I ended up watching “Three Men and a Baby” at 7:30 in the morning. To be honest, these things happen now and again. My wife is working nights this week, so her pre-bedtime television watching ends up being in the morning. But to the point, I really think I liked the ‘80s so much more. Mind you; I was young back then, but oh, was it glorious; the ‘90s weren’t that bad either.

Some things that brought me here. The first is, there is a part where Tom Selleck’s character has to make a call. One, they had an older than the time period rotary phone, the kind with a separate speaker you held to your ear and the microphone stuck right out of the phone. But more importantly than the nostalgic phone, Tom tried to make a few calls, and he didn’t have to look up any of the numbers. They were all in his head. I don’t even know my wife’s phone number; I’m dependent on my phone to retrieve it. Isn’t that sort of a sorry state of affairs? I wish I had this ability still.

Secondly, there were all kinds of scenes that I tried to imagine today that just wouldn’t have worked because everyone would have been too busy staring into their phones. Even better, there were many times where speed was necessary, and it was a piece of cake to hail a cab; all I could think of was how late they would be if they had to wait for their Uber or Lyft ride.

And this one really may tick some people off, but oh well. There is a funny scene where all the guys and baby are at the park playing frisbee. And as I remember, maybe not even that specific time thing, but much more apparent in the past were all the people, in this case, women, interested in seeing the baby. Today I regularly witness people being indifferent to children and babies, straight up not even noticing their existence. But heaven forbid a puppy shows up, and everyone comes running. Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies also, but they will never hold the same fascination and wonder these tiny versions of ourselves crawling or running around will hold for me. Maybe it’s just because I’m a father.

But my point, for all the technological advances we’ve made in the past couple of decades, I don’t think it helped us much. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure it made many things worse, or I could just be old and grumpy. So you never know, but my god, do I wish for life to be closer to back then than we have now.

Sincerely, A sentimental old fart.