I have acquired a new hobby by chance. Before, I mentioned sending postcards I discovered in my father’s things to people. I sent most of them to family members but then had a few more left. So I am using Postcrossing to find people to send to. I sent my first two. Both were purchased in the late 1960s. I just ordered some more modern-era cards, and I think I will continue the habit. I also cannot wait to receive one. I also plan on posting everyone sent or received here on my blog.

So I am a little behind but will post the first couple here. The first one is the only postcard my father had from the United States, and it was a photo of the Chicago skyline. It is now on its way to Germany.

The second is a picture of Stuttgart, Germany. The thing that makes this one interesting to me is that I was here myself in the Army, only 30 or so years later. This card is on its way to St. Petersburg in Russia.