In an earlier post, I was talking about some old postcards I had from the ‘60s that were my father’s from his time in Germany while he was in the Army. A friend shared Postcrossing with me. I thought this sounded like a fun idea! And who wouldn’t want a 60-year-old postcard, right?

So I signed up for the service, chose to send a card, and the system randomly selected a recipient for me. But, what do you know, the person was from Germany. So, now I’m thinking, the person from Germany probably doesn’t want a postcard from Germany, not even an old one, but this is what I have.

I begin to look at the old postcards of my father’s to send to this unfortunate person from Germany. Then I see there is one and only one postcard of what appears to be the same timeframe, but it’s of Chicago. What a neat coincidence. So I filled it out and let the recipient know the story in a few words, well, all that can fit on a postcard, and it’s sitting and waiting for me to carry it to the mailbox down on the corner.

In a way, I hope this fellow in Germany is touched by the story of the postcard, and it makes a pleasant little memory for him.

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