I’ve been working on my military memoir without adding anything for people to read. Instead, I have been trying to remember names and locations and record them for future reference. I, unfortunately, remember very few names, units, and various other details. Cataloging this has been very useful and painful at the same time.

While reflecting on people, places, and names, I have remembered certain situations or memorable people and made empty chapters for them. This started as a blog Idea and what I have decided is that rough ideas and drafts will become blog posts, and someday they will all be polished into a book. So when I say chapter, that could also become a blog post.

I’ve also been poking around photos I have digitized; I still have yet to dig into the plethora of physical images I have. Most of my time in the army was the pre-digital camera era. Lots of disposable camera photos. I also have a lot from Korea when I was deep into photography and developing my own film in the recreation center on Camp Hovey. So I will be digitizing some of those also. Some I may frame when I find them. If I remember, there were some interesting ones.

But this is the update, and maybe I’ll have something for people to read soon.