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I just noticed there are new episodes of Afterlife on Netflix again. It’s such a great show. Depressing, reflective, and funny, all in sitcom-length episodes. I really do love it.

Finally going to get a booster today. Sore arm here I come!!!! 💉

Finished reading: Where the Deer and the Antelope Play by Nick Offerman 📚

An outstanding book, anything that brings up Ed Abbey, Neil Young, former members of Uncle Tupelo, and talks nature with humor rolled in is good by me.

I’m still thinking about doing a microcast but I’m not sure on the topic yet. I’m currently leaning towards just reading one of the long-form posts off the blog with a little intro or thought on it.

So I changed the blog theme to the new Hitchens theme by @pimoore for microblog and played with the colors some. It may permanently replace Tuft. I like that instead of pagination, it just shows some posts then points people to the archive. Check it out. Hey! TimApple?

I was going through some belongings of family members’ who have past, found this coin. Scary but interesting.

I just finished watching the 2010 remake of True Grit with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. I’m pretty sure I saw the original when I was a child but have no memory of it. Either way, I think it was a great movie. I loved it purely for the language. They spoke in a most spectacular fashion. Also, I admired the main character Mattie; the girl had some definite spunk while very well refined.

I am consolidating all my blogs to MicroBlog. I made a table of contents to find my favorites quickly and also added a separate menu category for my military memories. If y’all don’t mind checking it out, any input on how to do it better would be great. heytimapple.com

My best so far, I should really stop posting these.

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